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Levien Marselis [1863-1901] (VIIf Den Haag)

Johanna (Anna) Marselis-Uding [1866-1942] (VIIf Den Haag)

Christina Gesina Brusse-Uding [1867-1918] (VIIh Den Haag)

Johannes Uding [1846] and Antonia Pieternella Louisa Baggerman [1840] (VIIId Den Haag)

Catharina Bonants [1835-1915], mother of Peter Paul Jacobus Jansen who married Arnolda Hendrika Maria Uding (The Hague VIIIee)

Hubertus Jansen [1829-1908], father of Peter Paul Jacobus Jansen who married Arnolda Hendrika Maria Uding (The Hague VIIIee)

Families Cornelisse Jansen (The Hague VIIIee)

Gerardus Arie Uding [1889-1965] en Florentina Verdoorn [1893-1953] (Den Haag IXe)

Kinderen van Arie GW Uding en Florentina Verdoorn: Arie GW (1913), Florentina (1914), Jannetje (1915) en Adriana (1918) (IXe The Hague)

Uding&Balk 25 j huwelijk diner 1929 (HG IXh)

Uding&Balk 25 j huwelijk bloemen 1929 (HG IXh)

Louis Pieter Uding [1874] and Cornelia Sara Balk [1877] (IXh Den Haag)

Herman Gerard Uding and Fanny Elisabeth Harpour, emigrated to the USA after 1911 (The Hague IXk)

Arie GW Uding [1913] en Maria F Derwig [1914] (Den Haag Xh)

Groepsfoto 1908 Fam Uding Balk Baggerman (HG Xm)

Johannes Douwe Uding [1905-1975] and Rijncen Scheepmaker [1910] Wedding photo Apr 1, 1931 (Xm The Hague)

Rijncen Uding-Scheepmaker (Rienie) (Xm Den Haag)

Rijncen Uding-Scheepmaker celebrating her 90th birthday Sep 15, 2000 and her children (Den Haag Xm)

50th Ann Petrus P.A. Uding and Alice Dobson 1977, from left to right: Dick, Jim, Cissy, Alice, Peter, and Bob (Den Haag Xno)

Petrus P.A. (Peter) Uding (married to Alice) (Xno Den Haag)

John Cissy Judy Dick Mom Jim Chris Jun1999 (Xno, XIxn & XIxp The Hague)

Dick&brother Alice and 2 grandsons summer1998 GrantsPass (Xno XIxn The Hague)

John Dawes and Cissy Dawes-Uding (Xno The Hague)

Pictures Hawaii

Cissy, Eric with wife and children Jun1999 (Xno The Hague)

Patrick Uding, Corine Uding-Gerritsen, Kim Uding, Nadja van de Scheur en Jan Uding (HG-XIb)

Roberto Uding, born 20 nov 1976, son of Jacobus Johannes en Wilma J.S. Caro (The Hague XIc)

Ferry Uding, born 1976, son of Simon Pieter and Johanna Frederika Wagter (The Hague XIe)

Joop Uding [1940] from Enschede Holland (XIg The Hague)

Johannes Douwe (Jan) Uding (XIt Den Haag)

Kitty Maria Theresia (Kitty) Uding-Mulder (XIt Den Haag)

Johannes Douwe (Douwe) en Mats Uding (XIt Den Haag)

Cornelis Johannes Jacobus (Kees) Uding [1946] and Pieternella Maria Cornelia (Ria) Bal [1949] (XIu The Hague)

Joost Jan Uding (XIu The Hague)

Sjoerd Uding, born 21 sep 2001, son of Radboud and Helene (The Hague XIx)

Richard Peter (Dick) Uding and his wife Judy (XIxn The Hague)

Jeff & Pam & Alanna Gabrielle (born April 2000). (XIxn The Hague)

Kathie Ann Uding (XIxn The Hague)

Terry, Randy and Laurie with friends and family Jun1999 (XIxo The Hague)

Bob Samantha Craig Greg Dena Chris Jim Dec1998 (XIxo&XIxp The Hague)

Greg Uding and his wife Dena (XIxp The Hague)



Elisabeth Cornelia Uding-Kraan [1840-1925] (AF-VIIIa)

Jozeph Uding and Aalbertje van Beek family (AF-IXa)

Unknown member of the Amersfoort Tree (AF-IXa)

Nicolaas Gerard (Nico) Uding [1899-1966] (AF-Xa)

Nicolaas Gerard Uding and Dina Horsmeier (AF-Xa)

Jan Uding and Ewa Nordstrom (AF-Xa)

Britta Uding and Kevin Cromwell (AF-Xa)

Nonda Uding (AF-Xb)

Gerard (Gerrit) Uding (AF-Xd)

Melissa (dr van John Huisman), Dennis en Patrick (znn van Liesbeth Uding)(Amersfoort XIg)

Liesbeth Uding en John Huisman (Amersfoort XIg)



Rick & Sandra wedding photo Amerongen 9-9-1999 (XIc Utrecht).

Rick and Ton Uding (Utrecht XIc)

Lisette Uding and Robin de Zwart, wedding Feb 3rd 2001 (UT-XIe)

Lisette Uding and Robin de Zwart and Mika, holiday 2005 (UT-XIe)



Louis David Gerber Jr and family 1920 (VIIIm Falkendieke/St Genevieve)

Louis David Gerber Sr and family 1905 (VIIIm Falkendieke/St Genevieve)

Mary Louise Shannon-Uding (Xc Falkendieke/St Genevieve)

Fire in Montana (FD Xc)

George E Jr (1932) (FD Xe)

Benjamin Wiley and his dog June 2000 (Xe Falkendieke/St Genevieve)

Rachel Munger and Benjamin Wiley as was published in the Springfield Sun (Xe Falkendieke/St Genevieve)

James Roger Uding, Sheri Ann and Sharon Rae Uding-Self (Xn Falkendieke/St Genevieve)



Photo of Ike (1939), John (1977), Tony (1904) and Terry (1961) (Ueding USA)

Photo of John (1977), Graduation 1995 (Ueding USA)

Photo of John(1977) and Connie Ueding-Freer (1947) (Ueding USA)

 Cousins of BettyJo Tompkins-Ueding, photo taken about 1945 (UED)




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